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Its A Street Racing Team Established In North Carolina Founders is DevilXlll,Demon,Phantom So If You Hear The Name Mentioned From Coast To Coast You Know Who It Is.The Midnight jokerz Are Taken Street Racing To The Final Level..Weather Itz Racing Or Showin..U Never Know When Or Where You Will See Them..So Rivalz Watch Your Back At All Timez Cuz U Never Know When Or Where You Might Be Challenged For Everythin You Own..Witout Victory At The End Youll Be Bettin Ur Soul Wit Them..
Look Iz The Legendary Midnight Jokerz! Coming From The Pitch Black Rays Of Midnight Here To Race Anyone For Anything..Dis Iz The Best Night Of My Life!..Wow..! Letz Do Diz Jokerz Style
by DevilXlll December 20, 2005
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