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jizzing (cumming, squirting semen, blowing a load, bustin a nut) on your partners face, usually over the eye area while in bed at night.

waking up the next morning with your eyes crusted over with semen.

waking someone up from sleep, by jizzing on their face, usually over the eye area.
"oh Michael, i want you to cum on my face and my glasses. I don't mind wearing a midnight mask to bed tonight."

"aww girl, my boyfriend and I got sooo wild last night. i woke up with a serious midnight mask, I could barely open my eyes they were so jizz crusted!"

"So last night I was over at Emily's house and she was asleep, but i really needed to bust a nut. So I jerked off and woke her up with a midnight mask"
by tizzco April 15, 2010
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