Someone who is very annoying and/or stupid and has stalker tendencies
Dude: Aye bay, Let Me Get Yo 7
Girl: Can U Leave Me Alone, Damn U Midget Rapist
by Quanna November 3, 2007
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SMR: (serial midget rapist) is a gangbanger that hangs around his taller attractive friends. He can't get any without spiking your drink at a party, since he is so short he can get away with it because you would just look over his head; he is not actively in your line of vision. An SMR stutters when he finds a mildly attractive mate and turns red like a tomato when someone feels up his trail patch of tears.

In a sentence:
In a sentence:

"Yo check out that fucking (SMR) Serial Midget Rapist if you were any taller he'd shag you like a deranged rabbit."
"I think that (SMR) Serial Midget Rapist roofed my friend because she like passed out and thought she felt a leprechaun ejaculate in her hair."
by HowToSteveAJobIn10Days April 9, 2018
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