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Sudden freeze of all mental functions due to a simultaneous massive overload of sensory inputs (hotties, chocolate, sunsets, doofiswads) and internal stimulation (lust, chocorgasm, rage).

Synonyms are senior moment, brain cramp, brain freeze, brain fart
Guy 1: Dude, she was totally waving you in and you just stood there like a super doofiswad, wtf?

Guy 2: I know, dude. I was having a total microsoft moment.

Chick 1: Omigod, he gave you a can of salted nuts for Christmas? Wtf? I hope you kicked him in the nads.

Chick 2: Couldn't. Got lost in a microsoft moment. Probably gonna just punch in his face tomorrow, though.

Chick 1: Awesomeness.
by Andy is Sassy January 04, 2008
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An overwhelming feeling of despair, rage, agony and/or defeat that is brought on by problems with Microsoft products.

The bastard cousin of a Kodak Moment.
A: "Dude, are you allright? You look terrible"
B: "Microsoft Moment..."
A: "Blue screen of death?"
B: "... and then some..."
by fisherguy June 16, 2009
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The amount of time it takes a Microsoft product to finish doing something (e.g. Installing, uninstalling, updating, opening, etc).
Can be used to tell a client how long something will take to finish.
Client: How long until my computer is fixed?
Tech: Oh, it will just be a microsoft moment.
*30-infinity minutes later*
Client: I thought you said it would only take a moment!
Tech: A microsoft moment, sir.
Client: Oh for sh*t's sake...
by WickedNoone October 10, 2016
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