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Term used for houses being constructed in the Burbank-Glendale Ca. area by Armenians. %60 of the cost of the house goes to marble, pillars, crown molding and water fountains in the front. usually a 2000 square foot house on a 3000 square foot lot. Also the micro mansion is built very tall, almost looking like 3 stories to give the effect of power and wealth, but usually is only 23 feet deep. Construction standards are mediocre to poor as you can see many flaws in the craftmanship of the house. Most micro-mansions are built after tearing down older, well built houses that were built with precision . Craftmanship is traded for image and flashiness.
The Hovarkians tore down that quaint little 3 bedroom to build that marble disaster. These micro mansions are ruining the property value of the area.
by 6 Pounds Soft February 22, 2007
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