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in billy elliot the movie and musical michael is billys best friend who is a closet homosexual and also has a crush on billy. after a christmas party michael warms billys hands and kisses him on the cheek. after billy gives him a tutu as michael is also a cross dresser who likes to secretly put on his sisters clothes and makeup when nobody is home. michael is shy and is often picked on for is alcoholic dad.
billy-what are ya doin?
michael-nothin just warmin your hands
billy- your not a poof are you?
michael- what gave ya that impression?
billy arnt my hands cold?
michael-i quite like it
*leans over and kisses billy
billy-just cause i like ballet dosent meen im a poof, ya know
michael- y-you wont tell anyone right?
michael caffrey and billy elliot
by codiiiii August 23, 2010
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