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The paper bag in which a cold beer and or wine comes in when you buy such product from a convenient sto or liquor sto. If the individual par-takes in the cold beverage while it is still in said sack, the sack then becomes a mexican huggie.

The huggie is very handy when one wants to(keep his or her beverage on the down low, protects hands for cold container, bottle integrity, maintain liquid temp, ease of disposal.
My friend Sasha always enjoy's her boones farm wine in a mexican huggie so not to get her lil paws cold!!

Ninja's from Nickelville tend to sip on they 40's while protected in a mexican huggie!

Yo dawg just put yo cheap shizzle in a mexican huggie, that way all the big booty hoe's be thinking we dranking Heinekens!
by duckninja6 April 19, 2010
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