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A worthless government employee assigned to enforce "parking regulations" which is typically a front for a city's Profit Enforcement Division. These minions are often found lurking around trashy cities (Like Tempe, AZ for example) and college campuses where local authorities pay little to no attention to speeders, red light runners, road ragers, drunk drivers, yet enforce parking laws with swift Draconian order and militaristic efficiency.

The meter Nazi is typically a middle-aged overweight high school drop-out who failed entry into a reputable police agency. The resulting bitterness and self-loathing of the meter Nazi leads to disdain for life which creates an insatiable desire for power and control which manifests itself as euphoric enthusiasm for writing bullshit parking citations to individuals who have actually achieved a modicum of success in their life.

The typical meter Nazi spends the majority of their day hunting for motorists who make honest mistakes. Warnings are not options with the meter Nazi. Punishment is dealt swiftly and immediately in the form of a citation that must be paid under threat of blackmail that usually includes arrest warrants, more fines, or suspension of driving privileges. When confronted, the meter Nazi will respond with righteous indignation as though the survival of the human race hung in the balance because of an expired parking meter.
I have to go put some more quarters in the parking meter before those asshole meter Nazi's come by.
by DavidPhxAZ November 11, 2007
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