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A play on the stranger, in which the participant drops trow and places himself appropriately on a toilet bowl and then defecates. The participant then places his off-hand (the hand which he or she is not accustomed to wiping with) under his ass cheek until the blood in the hand has been restricted and the hand becomes numb. Unlike the stranger, the participant is not buffing the banana, but rather, attempts to wipe his ass with the numbed off-hand. If feces comes in direct contact through poor coordination or toilet paper misplacement, then the participant has become "messy sailor'd" and thus loses.
After tag-teaming Chavo's sister in the Home and Garden section, Jimbo and Pickles went to the K-Mart bathroom stalls and played a rousing game of messy sailor. Jimbo lost.
by Ginz July 10, 2008
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