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Merrick surfers are a rare species these days.merrick surfer bros is group of students that attend Calhoun High School on long island. they are also known to be called the brew crew and occasionally pacsun crew. the group consists of 4-8 students in Calhoun. they are the only ones that surf in there grade and are made fun of by ones that dont. although surfing thrives in older grades, it has died out between the younger kids, they are the last group of surfers in the school. although made fun of, many of the members in the group participate in the social norms of the school and are accepted into other clicks...while some are not..
merrick surfer bros: yo whats up brah wanna go surf at lido west the waves are going off today

Outsider: nahh your gay

merrick surfer bro: oh ok..wanna hang out in town?

Outsider: yeah
by merrick surfer February 24, 2010
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