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This occurs when the female and male partner engage in intercourse. The male will then ejaculate inside the vaginal canal while the female is on her menstrual (cycle) period. The female partner then contracts the vaginal section souping the semen and menstrual fluids including the menstrual loaf which is served as the protein (meat) substitute into a serving dish adding favorite spices and Pre-cooked noodles. Add milk for ultimate creamy menstrual stroganoff!
Cassondra screamed at Mark! "Stop hogging all the menstrual stroganoff you fat fuck!

Mark made a comment, "Hey Sondra how bout that famous menstrual stroganoff we enjoy to put together for dinner?

Sondra replied to Mark, "menstrual stroganoff is the best dish for hunger and pleasure Mark, I know how much you enjoy that dish".
by philly mob boss May 10, 2014
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