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(noun) a two-hosed beer bong used to get effing hipsters "fucked up" in the midwest. two effing hipsters apply their mouths to either (1) meme, or (2) bebe, while the sober hipster holds M'lady ratblood (essentially, the base, head, or funnel.)
the origins of the name go back centuries to a local event known as "Argylepalooza" where effing hipsters got super blasted and chased away popular buzz-band The Stabbed Westerners with knives. legend has it they shouted "MEME BEBE!" as they heckled the band away.
Sober Hipster: Do you want to do a meme bebe?
Sloppy/Blasted Hipster: FUCK YEAH!

Two Effing Hipsters: One! Two! Three! MEMEEEEE, BEBE!

Hungover Hipster: Dude, I totally did like seven Meme Bebe's last night when I was coming off of the popular rave drug MDMA, known on the streets as "ecstasy"
by Julia Ratblood November 05, 2010
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