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A painful wedgie where the underwear is violently pulled up in sporadic bursts. And when the bully is don't eviscerating their victim's underwear, they hang them up by said underwear. Preferably somewhere where other people could see them, such as the hooks in the locker room or, better, a flagpole.
The school went up to the nerdy freshman and tapped him on the shoulder. He unknowingly turned around and saw in horror that it was the bully. The bully smiled and said "Hey, buddy, I think it's your turn for a MEGA WEDGIE!" As he said that, he reached into the nerd's pants, grabbed his underwear, and yanked up as hard as he could. The nerd was lifted high off the ground. The bully violently jerked the nerd up and down as the nerd, in extreme pain, squirmed around sporadically. "That's enough of that." the bully says, as the nerd thinks the nightmare is over. But the bully once more grabs his underwear, lifts him up, and drags him to the flagpole. "Hey-uh-w-what are y-" he exclaims as he is interrupted by being hoisted high into the air, to the top of the flagpole. The other students see and shout "go, go, go!" as the nerd reaches the top of the flagpole, squirming around in a very painful hanging wedgie. The nerd is only let down the next school day, when the bully brings a new kid there, also being lifted by his underwear. The cycle continues...
by Zeusman676767 August 30, 2016
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