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Usually a female teen, media hogs are the type of people who like boy band songs, nickelodeon shows, etc. (that many people would claim as "american stupidity.")

Most namely, media hogs are into things like the Jonas Brothers and ICarly. These people like them for basic teenage drama and the idea of dating. You know, the whole "i like this boy sooooo much he's sooooo cute" people... dating is their whole thing. They focus their lives on it.

They also tend to be fairly familiar with every basic radio hit from things like Kidz Bop and Radio Disney. Even the popular people in their media hog's local high school aren't that dumb.

Media hogs seem like they have nothing better to do with their lives, so they make it look like their lives have so much history and they're all that. The truth is that it's really just repeating a cycle of "ooo this boy's so cute, i think i love him!", dating the guy, and after being dumped because he got a life, moving to a new guy.

Media hogs are termed "hog" because they look for the most recent famous love thing to keep their free time occupied so that they don't have time to realize how stupid their lives are. Most namely, the Twilight series has caught on with media hogs. It's very sad because books, shows, songs, and things of the like are usually not that bad media to begin with but are turned stupid by the media hogs.
Yo karyn? she's such a media hog! her last facebook status was "is watching david archuleta on icarly. reading eclipse. bed? idk yet. i love you edix ♥ 7 days!! =D."
by DJ Russly February 07, 2009
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