a fuckin retard of a mayor on family guy but so funny that i shit myself when he talks. random as fuck
(karaoke at the bar)

mayor adam west- i love amateurs singing karaoke at bars... but i dont like baseball cards...

mayor adam west- dammit swanson i want them found!

joe- mayor wer looking everywhere for the griffins

mayor adam west- not them u moron. the rest of my lite-brite pieces. my names not adam we. or is it? what number did u call? dont call here again. i guess i showed him... no one messes with adam we....

(chris falls on wests flowers)

mayor adam west- my tulips! u dick...

mayor adam west- i spent the towns money on a gold plated statue of... digem, the sugar smacks frog...
by fdbvbdsf October 06, 2009
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