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A amazingly amazing girl who will never let you down as long as she is alive. She goes through a lot of pain daily but pushes through it and will never show thats she's hurting on the outside and inside. She is beautiful but is still insecure about herself. Anyone who is lucky to have her will tell you she is trust worthy kind and amazing but you do not want to abandon her or piss her off because then she will take all her power to ignore you and ruin you. She tries to be mean to people she is mad at but it is hard because she wants friends so badly but is scared of abandonment that is why you NEVER leave her unless you die. And if you do leave you should stay in touch. She doesn't ask for much she doesn't ask for presents or money she only asks for your friendship,honesty and kindness.
Person 1- you know maya right?
Person 2- yeah Maya keller? why?
Person 1-I never noticed how nice she is she never asks for anything she just wants a friend.!
Person 2- WOW thats hard to find... don't leave her
by Marissa3214 May 21, 2018
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