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Matthew Doughty is the sweetest guy. If you're having a bad day and you run into him, expect him to make you smile. He's also incredibly smart, and doesn't have to try very hard to make crazy good grades. Matthew Doughty, sometimes referred to as "Doughty" is also obsessed with cats. He has a lot of girl friends too, but not because he's a player..or gay..he's just a genuinely sweet guy. Sometimes he will randomly text you just to let you know how wonderful you are because he's good at making you feel special. If you have a Matthew Doughty in your life, keep him around, try not to take him for granted, and make sure you brag on him a lot to random people you know, because he totally deserves it.
"Dude, you know Matthew Doughty?" "Totally! I heard all the girls wish they could date him because he's a total sweet heart!"
by themostaccurate December 01, 2013
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