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A character from the manga series and anime "Death Note". He is a relatively minor character but is extremely popular in the fandom because of how cool and attractive he is, and the fact that he seems pretty relatable. He assists Mello in his plans to catch Kira, and is also the third smartest child from Wammy's House, showing that the two are rather close. In fact, the MattxMello ship is one of the biggest ships in the entire death note fandom. In the anime he is depicted with goggles, brown-green hair and a red-striped shirt, but the whole fandom ignores those colors because before the anime came out, everyone thought he had red hair, and a black and white striped shirt in the manga. He also drives a pretty sick car and has a witty sense of humor, making him even more cool. Basically, he's hot and cool, and probably has a thing going on with Mello, so that's all you really need to know.
Who's the guy with the red car? Oh, that's Matt Jeevas.

Why is Matt Jeevas so popular? I mean, have you seen him?
by Orchard65 October 12, 2015
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