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Although he is decent at Dota 2 in general (solely due to wasting over 6K hours ), he is globally known for his trash SF (Shadow Fiend). People thought Kabi mag couldn't be beaten until they saw Matt sf. Enough said.

He has mastered the Euls combo, but the game always ends before he even buys an Eul's scepter. This is very commonly due to excessive feeding middle. If someone was to question him, he generally replies with, "Wah, roaming supports, wehh, trilaned mid, Wehhhh."
Matt is easily one of the most mango I have ever seen in my life.
Dave: "Have you seen kabi mag? Holy fuck its trash."
Tyrone: "yo, you need to see matt sf! I almost killed my self. Twice."
Dave: "Holy fuck! Idk which ones worse tbh!"

"ffs matt sf?"
"gg, we fockin lost boys"
"anyone got a free leave?"
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by dondanon February 16, 2018
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