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A well built school infected with assholes and rejects. There are no interesting places near the school. A party is hard to come by. All the girls are preppy as hell and always talk like "OMG NO WAY" and these said girls pretend to be whores (for some unknown reason) when in reality they are not getting any because most guys wouldn't touch them with a 10 foot pole. All the guys at Matoaca are stuck up douchebags that would do anything to get ahead or look cool including backstabbing all their friends and pretending to be someone else.
A lot of people that attend Matoaca don't do shit outside of school, but with good reason. There isn't shit to do near matoaca or in chesterfield except go to the movie theatre.

So basically the school consists of 3 groups of people:

1. people that stay inside all day and play games to pass time while they wait until they are old enough to move to a much more interesting place.
2. People who smoke pot, plain and simple. all the people that hang out all the time have at least smoked pot once, because there is literally nothing to do near matoaca.
3. Girls that pretend to be bad, and pretend to be cool, but in reality are losers that have nothing going for them. (most girls at matoaca)

Well that pretty much sums it up.
by Turn on, Tune In, Drop Out. August 18, 2009
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