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a mass myrtle occurs while renting a house in myrtle beach. clear out the kitchen area, pack in a bunch of drunk people (clothing optional), blast 90s hiphop and spray Dawn dish detergent all over the tile floor. take the water from the sink to get everyone wet and soaped up, and during the mayhem the designated Mass Myrtler opens numerous containers of red Crystal Light powder and throws it on everyone. When everyone is slipping around, flopping on the ground covered in red and liquid soap, you have performed a successful mass myrtle. Bonus points if someone gets Jenn-Oed.
6'7 Kevin: "man last night there was a tragic mass myrtling of 12 that occurred in the kitchen"

PJ Luperson: "awesome, now how's about some a shot circle with Old Crow you myrtle boatin' sumbitch."
by Dot Dick Bradmyrtle June 28, 2006
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