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We all know about Luton and how it is the worst place in England apparantly. Well, now imagine the wrst area of the worst town. This is what Marsh Farm is. It's an area of council housing, flats and a couple of pretty bad schools. If you live in Marsh Farm, you're either quite poor or a thug. But yeah, thats about it. Oh, and there's the massive amounts of stabbings and shootings and all that down there.

If for some reason you wanna go there but dont know the way, go into Luton and look for a group of flats. There should be two. Walk towards one of them. You'll either end up in Lewsey Farm (another bad area) or Marsh Farm. Then prepare to run :D
Marsh Farm is the closest you can get to hell without leaving this world.
by mwh November 22, 2006
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