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A very fat Pittsburgh sports talkshow host who thinks he's the smartest guy in the world but can't even pronounce Heinz Ward properly! He spends most of his overrated show kissing his own ass (which has to take a lot of kissing considering how huge it is) and insulting everyone else every chance he gets! Used to announce for WCW wrestling and claims he is friends with many pro wrestlers. Has done sports nationally as well for ESPN but had a show cancelled shortly after first airing! Needs to take a bath every once in a while and brush his teeth at some point. Also co-hosts a TV show on Sunday nights that is incredibly boring.
Bob: Hey Frank, Did you see Mark Madden on TV the other day?

Frank: Of course I did. He takes up the whole screen and has the biggest, loudest mouth on the planet!
by SteelerGuy July 27, 2006
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