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YouNow and sensation with more than 40,000 and 150,000 fans, respectively. He later joined a YouTube collaborative channel called Our Journey with Weston Koury, Nick Bean, Zach Clayton, Baby Ariel, Loren Beech and Brennen Taylor. Mario is 16 yrs. old and he went on a tour called Part Of My Story also known as POMS with 99 Goonsquad.He has continued this tour ever since 2015 when Hunter Rowland, Brandon Rowland, Julian Jara, Jovani Jara, Geo Roman and himself also was on the very first POMS tour in 2015. He had another tour in March that went on till April 2nd 2016. With Jovani Jara, Julian Jara, Geo Roman and also himself and it was call #POMSFAM Spring Tour. Now he has another POMS tour coming up on June 17, 2016 in Houston and will be touring to San Antonio, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Phoenix, Nashville, Raleigh, Philadelphia, Boston, Miami, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Montreal, Toronto, New York, Dallas, Seattle, Chicago, and Atlanta. This tour will include Mario Selman, Jovani Jara, Julian Jara, Jonas Bridges and two more special guest yet to be announced. This tour will be June 17, 2016 to August 6, 2016.
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