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Marie Contos is a Greek name which has been handed down from generation to generation to those who are loving and willing to help those in need. However, if push comes to shove they are a bad ass mother grabber that will kick anyone's ass that tries to push them around or mess with their loved ones. They are very cuddly and are best matched with people who have the name Bradley Hahn. if given the option they would cuddle with a Bradley Hahn 24/7. It is said that they together will one day explore the world while cuddling on every continent and helping those who are in need. A Marie Contos is paired usually with really great friends who have names like Maria, Laura, Meghan, Jess, and Kayla. If you are ever looking to attract a Marie Contos and your name is Bradley Hahn, you must try 3 times to get her attention while holding a pot of coffee and meowing very loudly the theme song to Friends.
Yo that Marie Contos is Divine and HOT!!!!!!!! MEOW!!!!
by BigB63 May 31, 2014
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