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like la mara salvatrucha in El Salvador the mara 18 is the rival gang,the businesses of the mara 18 include drugs extortion prostitution.becuase of the extreme poverty many children young men and woman are forced into the gang lifestyle to support thier families, unfortunately this leads to a deadly cycle where children are forced into battle and other people are forced into the death business (makeing coffins,tomb stones etc.) which is El Salvador's number one business.Mara 18 is full of young and willing soldiers which are ruthless and willing to kills easily without thought and which comtributes to El Salvador's Business. Its a sad result after the civil war which the united states contributed to helped the government to kill the civilians as a result i support this gang becuase it is like a virus infecting all the countries that F*cked it over supplying each country with a destructive soldier ready to f*ck them back over.
Salvadorian Hatred Is A Bitch Isnt It. Viva la Mara 18
by mediodiechiocho August 02, 2007
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