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Overly long hair sprouting from the rear of humans. Both the male and the famale sex's may have a Manal Beard. The word originated by the merging of the words "Mane" , meaning the long hair found on the back of the neck of such animals as Lions or Horses, and "Anal Beard", which the name for hair growing from human cracks in their bottoms. If a person has a Manal Beard, they're hair is much longer than those who have Anal beards. This gives them disdain in some cultures (because it usually seen as unhygeinic and full of clagnuts), but respect in others (because it is seen as a wise man who has such a long beard).
1. "I have combed my manal beard this morning."
2. "He must be a wize and important man to have such a lengthy manal beard"
3. Johnny's manal beard got caught up in the shaver blades.
4. "Yuk, that manal beard is full of dangle berries!"
by Junior Leaders 02 February 03, 2006
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