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From the Command and Conquer series, the Mammoth Tank is the strongest ground vehicle GDI has to offer, at least when talking about the first Command and Conquer (Tiberium Dawn) and Renegade.

Mammoth Tanks are a hidden usable vehicle in the sequel to Command and Conquer, Tiberian Sun, but are usurped in hitting power by the Mammoth Mk. II. The Mammoth Tank has also appeared in the Red Alert series, called the Apocalypse in Red Alert II.

The Mammoth Tank has two giant cannons and surface to air missiles to defend itself with. If the tank existed in real life it'd be larger than any other current tank fielded, and too wide to be used in urban combat (it COULD fit on a highway, but not on the streets). Mammoth Tanks are also infamous for their ability to repair themselves back to half strength.
Word of advice. If you're playng Renegade and you see a Mammoth Tank coming... RUN.
by The Infamous Trev-MUN February 23, 2004
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The strongest non-Epic Unit in Command and Conquer 3. It is the successor to the Mammoth Walker in Command and Conquer Tiberian Sun, and the original Command and Conquer. The C&C Wikia states that the tank has twin 150mm cannons, which can be upgraded to railguns, two missile pods, and "is covered in thick, hexagonal armour." Whatever that means.
Did you see the new Mammoth 27's in C&C 3? They're badass.

That guy defeated me with a Mammoth tank rush. I don't like dying, but, those Mammoths are SO much cooler than Zerglings. I'd rather be killed by a Mammoth than a Zergling.
by Volly April 22, 2011
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