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Malay lie: n. (1) A statment that is manifestly untrue, but one which the speaker nevertheless asserts is true. (2) A statement that one believes, on good grounds is untrue, but the speaker maintains is true. Proof that the statement was in fact a lie will only come after costly reliance is placed on it. (Origin: the word evolved amongst English speaker debaters following visits to Malaysia where daily life was made impossible thanks to the many lies encountered, hence the development of the "Malay lie".)
Unsuspecting Western passenger, used to relying on honesty as the fabric of society ("UWPUROHFS"): To the KL Towers on the meter please.
Taxi Driver: The meter is broken.
UWPUROHFS: But you just used it for the last passenger.
Taxi Driver: I don't speak any English.
UWPUROHFS: I said I can see the meter is working
Tax Driver (turning off the meter and hitting it): It's broken, see?
UWPUROHFS: That's a "malay lie"!
by Bill Bass October 20, 2005
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