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For to beginning of the definitions with teh moving and humping and moaning like kiddies in France having thayr ankles tickled by large ants, I will show you how to make teh saix. It is to be with a woman of female gender, being nakkid and without those clothings that you wear everyday that make you itch. Then you put teh Mr. Willy inside of Ms. Juucie and teh good feelings come outside of it.
1)Oh mah gawd, Jerry, last night I made teh saix with this hot bitch from Queens, let me just say Dayyum.

2)I am blind, now that I've seen my best friend's ass jiggling up and down while he made teh saix.

3)Hey, baby, djoo is a fine laydee, why dont'cha come ofer to my playse and then lets make teh saix. Djoo feel like making teh saix? Want me to show you how to count all the way to schfifty-five? I love hearing yes, because it is sooooo good to heat it.
by Tak a lah January 09, 2005
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