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the maggot booner is an alcoholic drink conspired a few fathoms east of westchesshire at the maggot booner pub by a man named bar keep. it is brewed mostly from maggots and other assorted drinks owned by bar keep, it is commonly drunk by 2x4 Joe and McGintee. Maggot booner may also refer to the pub, ye ol' maggot booner which is under constant attack by blue tigers that swear frequently and drink gin.
bar keep: You London types....coming up here with ur balls or shiny! Think u own the place. Well, u dont own this place. Bar keep does. Ther'll be no flirtinis here. You'll drink what bar keep drinks, a simple, honest fisherman's drink
McGintee: aye bar keep! two o' tha maggot booners it be, right Joe!!
by borris... May 18, 2008
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