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Maggie grace is most likely someone who sucks fast and hard. And can't get enough dick. She's is shy on the streets and gross in the sheets. Maggie is probably unpopular in her school and has 4 friends. Even if someone is trying to her out of the picture she'll always find her way back in. Maggie will make time to hang out with you (only if she's not sucking dick or making a how to twerk vid 4 her YouTube channel) She is the kind of girl that has a crush on a classmate and a fictional movie character. If your ever looking for a friend look for Maggie Grace, jk. She may not be the prettiest or a movie star but she has a lot of "fun"!!!
Wow she's ugly, she must be named Maggie Grace.

Damn she has a big booty she must be a Maggie grace.
by Allison Cock March 14, 2018
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