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Madison Heights! A small city outside of Detroit! Yes, it's near Detroit... but people here think that they are fucking hardcore gangsters just because its near. There are two groups in this city, you got the white trash (all throughout), but primarily south of 12 Mile, that just escaped living in Hazel Park & the average white ass families that couldn't afford to live in Royal Oak/Troy, that live north of 12 Mile. You'll run into the average crackhead waiting at the bus stop to head over to the Oakland Mall & some lil hoes walking down 11 Mile, but don't worry, they don't bite ;-). Just watch your back, and you'll make it through the 4 mile ride down or up I-75 as you're totally bypassing the scumbag city!
We couldn't afford to live in Royal Oak, so we live in Madison Heights!
by OGMichigan June 10, 2017
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