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1) In old Mexican pueblos ( villages, small towns ) the local folks use the flatside of machetes to beat someone severely ( usually the boy got someone's female relative preggers, stole property, defiant to the local don, etc) but not to be killed only as living message to not disturb the peace.

2) Someone showing signs of having a Latin lover ( usually a Latino male lover).

3) Latino males enaging in giving someone a " physcial reeducation " ( asswhooping ) to not disturb the peace and left as a living reminder to not be a jack hole in the hood.
Girl you glowing when we pass that taco hut stand! What?! You got machete slapped last night ?!

Miguel learned to not steal the " medicine plants " of Old man Paco the hard way. Paco shows Miguel the old school ways of correction by machete slapping his ass since his parents taught him no respect for other people's property.
by Ev1lJRoyce December 30, 2013
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