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A family of great nature. Deadly but great. The name of what you would call a monster, something you wouldn't mess with! A MacGarvie will be fierce but calm, dangerous but quiet. The MacGarvie clan is one of Scotland's most feared crime families, with killing in their blood. They will drop anything and anyone in a heart beat, but, they will talk about it all while laughing excessively like a pack of wolves conversing over their last kill. Main part here, if you know anyone called a Macgarvie, don't fuck with them!
Man #1 : there's a new MacGarvie in town
Man #2 : shit, really? How did you find out?
Man #1 : I was in the pub, a man walks out the lavvy and heads to the bar, some man nudges his shoulder on the way. This Macgarvie turns slowly, and looks at this man. The other guy says what? To that this Macgarvie pulls out a hunting knife from a sheath on his back and cuts him across the stomach!

Man #2 : fuck really!
Man #1 : that's not all, he then grabs a part of his intestine that's dripping out and sticks it in the guys mouth and says 'it's not what, it's sorry'.
by MacGarvie August 23, 2014
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