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A way of saying mac n cheese to boost your level of cool. People with little to no coolness will say "macaroni and cheese," those with average coolness will say "mac n cheese," and those who are overwhelmingly badass will say "mac n chack." Best if repeated several times.
A: oh, what should I have for dinner?
B: mac n chack! mac n chack!

A: Hey, dude, you forgot to clean the dishes... could you maybe-
B: mac n chack! mac n chack!
A: you know what? You are so cool for saying macaroni and cheese that way that I will do the dishes for you.
B: hell yeah, mac n chack.

A: Man, I've used all my moves on her, but she hasn't bit. I'm starting to get a litle worried.
B: well, have you cooked for her?
A: well, yeah, I mean, yesterday I made homemade mac n cheese for her, and-
B: see, theres your problem
A: what?
B: You're calling it mac n cheese. You'll get some for sure if you call it mac n chack
A: oh, hey, thanks man!
by Brigette April 20, 2008
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