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Any large truck, SUV, 18 wheeler or Bronco that is not used to assist in manual labor or tending land to compensate for incredibly small penis.
May include but is not limited to: unnecessary riding of ass on highways; cutting multiple lanes of traffic off to exit; excessive use of horn for no apparent reason; refusal to go any speed under 20 miles per hour over legal speed limit; complete neglect for children's school zone signs and speeds; and complete neglect for "Lane Ends: Must Change Lanes" signs.

Drivers are normally spoiled teen males or fathers of spoiled teen males. Usual characteristics are: On cell phones to listen to their on voice or texting, wearing excessively tight polo t-shirts to show lack of using any exercise but bench, usually has over priced sunglasses, blue tooth, hat turned backwards with sticker still on it, and either incredibly baggy or emo tight jeans. Normal passengers are fellow ma truckers or dumb blonde girlfriends that are attracted to ma trucks.

Normal appearance of truck: Usually covered in chrome, front/rear/side/undercarriage/roof bumper guards or headache rack, lifted 12" above standard, monster truck size wheels, added mufflers/exhaust that further decrease ridiculously low gas mileage.
by a pissed off driver September 29, 2009
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