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a fire breathing dragon-like bitch who's only purpose on this earth is to completley destroy all human life with her heartless and mindless tactics. lynettas are commonly found inside rotten vaginas waiting to pounce on unsuspecting victims with childsupport and with holding visitation. the lynettas lifespan is yet to be determined as most turn to seculsion after years of unsucessful life ventures. the lynetta gibson's only joy comes in the form of making life as difficult as possible. the lynetta is a highly endangered species due to every mammal wanting to bash the lynetta's face in. lynetta gibsons are generally very unattractive with nothing to offer a potential mate. they lure mates in by posing as normal and sweet functioning members of society then turn bat shit crazy once they have children. signs of potential craziness are visible beforehand but are often carelessly overlooked. the male population should keep clear of this beast for her track record of destruction and females should either beat the shit out of her or run away fast to avoid any bitch contamination as the lynetta gibson is highly contagious. also see: cold hearted bitch, gold digger, cunt, or wicked witch of the east.
damn! your girl lynetta gibsoned your life. is she crazy?

i'm afraid of the end of world, it's gonna be all lynetta gibsoned and everything will be destroyed.
by Captn America February 04, 2010
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