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A Luke Leger is a man anyone would be lucky to have in their life. He pays close attention to detail in all aspects of life, which may sound odd, but he uses this intellect to surprise you with the most amazing & thoughtful things that never fail to bring a smile to your face and heart. He is a man of his word, extremely patient , understanding and will never let you down (undeservingly). He would do anything for the ones that mean most to him. He will continuously surprise you in greater and more amazing ways than the last... Luke leger is the only man you would need to keep you on your toes with excitement life an beyond, and by beyond we mean: Luke Leger can eat a pussy like a god like you have never imagined could exist before! =)

Luke Leger is a true man you want to keep close to your heart forever...
Burnette: "Damn, my man is so lame he forgot my birthday and been creeping."
Blonde: "Well Find yourself a Luke Leger, He'd never do you wrong."
Burnette: "where would I find that?"
Blonde: " In your dreams..."
by DubCakes April 06, 2014
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