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when someone puts cling wrap around there forehead, someone shits on it, puts another layer of cling wrap to make a turd sandwaitch then piss on there face
by vdbvfo;vwebvwbvrdbwgbr;rbethne February 12, 2009
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when a human being who has just eaten 5 bacon burgers, excretes his/her feces on the nearest humans chest. It creates an orgasmic expirience for both to share.
Karen! let me give you a luke warm karl, I gotta goo real bad..
by Dora Takehu May 24, 2006
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giving a hot karl to a person who's about to die.
the president of the pen15 club at uc riverside gave a lukewarm karl to his mom as she was lying in the intensive care unit
by jemeriqwanna February 15, 2003
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