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Preppy and bubbly friend who calls you sister. He LIVES in vineyard vines and LOVES shopping. He knows all the tea and is more than willing to share it. He’s the local tea dealer and everyone knows it. What a gosh darn icon and slime maker. P.S He might call you sister.
omg you know a luke stevens?! he’s such an iconic kitty brother
by missmiaonfire October 21, 2018
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Luke Stevens

Definition of GAY..
Also known as the occasional buttwipe,
Luke Stevens is as asswipy and gay as they come,
This rare breed of human life usually comes with no eye brows and hair that can put the sun out of business.
Person 1: you are being such a luke stevens today,

Person 2: how dare you insult me so rudely like that?

Person 1: cant help your such a luke stevens

And positive mate!!!
by Pukepevens January 01, 2017
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