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1. To invite oneself to places where not welcome

2. To excessively scam unavaible and unacheivable tail

3. The act of having a "gameface" when competing at all times...everything is a competition

4. The ability to benchpress a bison

5. The ability to always right and possess never-ending useless knowledge and trivia

6. The ability to make a chair fit your ass.. perfectly

7. To complain that others are lazy becuase they have a life and don't go to the gym all day

8. To have a canoe on top of your car all year long

9. To brag and idolize ones brother to the point of being creepy

10. To live and die a virgin
Today I was luekering around on facebook, and decided after four hours of scamming, I would then go to the gym, followed by a trip to the KBC, where I will scam on the engaged bartenders
by "Reacharound" June 26, 2007
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