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love (luv) n. 1. A. An intense affectionate concern for another person. B. A passionate attraction. 2. A beloved person. 3. A strong liking or enthusiasm for something. 4. A zero score in tennis. 5. To feel love for. - In love. - Enamored. -v. Loved, loving. The act of putting two sexy bodies together. To give extreme pleasure to <OE lufu. - lov'able. Love'a•ble adj.

an•gel (an'jel) n. 1. One of the celestial beings attendant upon God. 2. A kind and lovable person. 3. The love who watches over me. 4. Slang. Someone who doesn't get caught. 5. Cute little booger nose on my shoulder. 6. Wings that flutter.

mu•sic n. 1. The art of organizing sound. 2. Vocal sounds having some degree of rhythm, melody, and harmony. 3. A musical composition or body of such compositions. The soundtrack of my life, feel it, shut up and listen, keep on dancing

ba•by (ba•be) n., pl. -bies 1. A very young child. 2. The youngest member of a family or crew. My main squeeze, my honey, my plaything. 3. What boys say. 4. Hot sexy thing that makes me go crazy. 5. My lamb lover.

love, angel, music, baby, hurry up and call me crazy.. oh the riches, don't mean anything--- Rich Girl
by Sunshine44 May 31, 2005
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