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a 13 year old ugly club kid who is getting famous on myspace for his accecories and just released a song on his other myspace which is a cover of get away with murder by jeffree star

he is awful and has no style he edits his uglyness away he thinks he is the best which he is not he is also famous on a game called zwinky and has 1000 friends and followers on it he says 50 people add him everyday and he denies some of the friend reqeusts because he is too ''amazing'' to accept the non scene and emo kids,so who is louis vanity?a fag and attention whore
jeffree star,club kid,scene kid,skelanimal,hello kitty,faggot,homosexual,bisexual,kiki kannibal,whore,cunt,myspace,louis vanity
by michael richa December 13, 2009
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