To be a poser who is also a loser. The combination of dressing or acting according to a store you shop i.e. hollister,DTL, pacsun.. but are not only failing miserably,and its noticable, but the whole town is laughing at you behind your back anyplace you go whether it be the mall,tropicana,wendys, or even the local barber shop.
darryl-"dude what the heck happened to matt"

Steve-"I dont know, is he coming out of pacsun?"

darryl-"yea he was a total square a week ago now hes decked out with a tilted cookie monster hat, skater shorts, and a colorful-ass fox shirt"

steve-"what a faggy ass bitch loser poser"
by Hatingthisday May 29, 2011
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