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(n), (v) The most tender of all sexual acts, consisting of the following elements:
(1) Female eats chili, cheddar cheese, diced white onion;
(2) Female defecates in underpants;
(3) Stool, with bumpy consistency is spread gently and evenly throughout length of Female asscrack, preferably by way of pastel colored rubber spatula, so as to resemble a loose-burger coney dog.
(4) Male makes passionate love to the "loose burger."
(5) Upon ejaculation, female cleans up.
"Man, that chick with black thong is making me hungry ... for some loose burger"

"What's that smell, did you shit?"
"Nope, just dropped a loose burger cheeky fuck on the ol' lady"
by Achasers June 28, 2007
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