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1. A phrase used in corporate, academic, or other situations when an inappropriate topic can not be discussed. Often said to someone who is not familiar with a vernacular term, phrase, meme or other part of pop culture which is considered NSFW that searching on one's work or school computer could result in reprimands from superiors, IT or HR

2. an alternate expression for "you don't want to know"
John: " with the new restroomproduct launch aimed at luxury hotels and restaurants, Marketing suggests we re-name our X1457 Deluxe Swivel Golden Showerhead."
Marty: "....why do need to rename it?"
John: "......Marketing suggests "golden shower" not be included as part of our product line."
Marty: "....why not?"
John: ".....look it up on your phone."


Sue: "What's all this bunga-bunga stuff I keep hearing the students talking about?"

Mary: "Look it up on your phone."
by Ind617 January 13, 2017
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