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A common sex act performed in the city by the sea. After a night of doing jagerbombs, a man wakes up the next morning and has a loose, foul-smelling bowel movement and he does not wipe. He proceeds to not shower and go about his business for 72 hours. At this point, the shit has now completely hardened to his ass and he peels it off, revealing a nice, pus-filled rash. He then goes and sees his girlfriend who is 6 months pregnant. She takes enough RU-486 (the morning after pill) to spontaneously abort the child. The still wriggling fetus is then inserted into the pus-filled asshole of the man. Then, when the fetus is presumed dead, the man shits it out onto his girlfriend's chest.
Hey Sheila, it's been about 72 hours so I am going to give you the Long Beach NY steamer whether you want it or not.
by propaneharry October 28, 2007
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