Spoken in everyday conversaion, LOLicopter (LOL = Laughing Out Loud) is a lesser degree of ROFLcopter which can be used to express extreme amusement and merriment in substitution for a real, genuine laugh.

Reasons for this include, but are not limited to

1. the amused individual feeling that the amusing item in question is not worthy of belly laughter or a real laugh, or

2. it would just be a lot funnier to say LOLicopter to make people ask you if you really just said that in RL (real life in Leet Speak)

This term also applies to past and future events which merit large amounts of laughter.

Similar term: ROFLcopter
Also: LOLercopter, LOLacopter
Andrew, impersonating the YouTube video Unforgivable: B*tch, get me a chicken sandwich and some waffle fries... FO' FREE.

Aimee: LOLicopter! That was really funny!
by aimsterrr May 08, 2009
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