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Locker speak is a language used by high schoolers to annoy their friends and to talk about inappropriate stuff without adults being aware. In locker speak, locker means penis and cheese means vagina. There are about 100 terms in locker speak and more are added every day through a seconding system that only certain people can use. A facebook page compiles all of the words (but the English translations aren't there--you have to figure them out yourself.)
"Is that a staple?"
"Yes. Is that locker speak?"
"Yes. Is that great?"
"I hate you."

"Can iiii locker grip teeth?"
"You need to get laid."

"Did you wake up this morning?"
"Oh, I didn't know that you were gay!"
"Didn't you wake up?"
"No, but I did peel my potatoes..."

"I'm a srik. Are you a srik?"
"Yeah, I'm a shrik."
"You love Canada?"
by lockerspeak November 05, 2008
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